Magic Feathers

This commission was for a relative of mine who is obsessed with interior design. She is equally obsessed with peacocks. Most of her home has an Asian theme, however my aunt because particurally enamered with a painting is a peacock that possesses a vibrant color scheme, big lines, and watercolor accents. After seeking my counsel we decided that I wouldn’t reproduce the painting of course but create a mural on her bathroom wall that help that same qualities and would be complimentary when the painting was hung near it. The result I am quite proud of. Mural creation is a fine and tedious craft but I enjoyed every minute of it as I listen to my true crime audiobook and created this one feather at a time. An art canvas is a really small space, but space none the less. The wall is a much larger canvas but being able to decorate the space someone lives in or works in is super special. It is one of the communal aspects of art I love being a part of.

Anna Leckie