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Let me help!


How do I ask a question?

Contact me through this website to ask any questions or email me directly at annaleckieart@gmail.com

How are your commissioned works priced?

I price the items by the size of the work. Refer to my sizing guide.

What kind of work do you do?

Anything you want! I can do multimedia, sketches, paintings, prints. The way that I work as an artist is through a unique client to client basis. I preform my tasks based around what specific image the client want’s produced. Most of the time this is personal to you. It could be an image of a family member, or a prop needed for set, or a flyer for a business. Mostly anything you want done I can do as long as it is in line with copyright laws.

What if I do not live near Athens, Georgia?

That’s Okay! I do not include the price of shipping in the cost of the work of art based directly on sizing. In the case where you are farther from Athens I would add on a shipping fee.

If I want a specific image that I see you have already done can I have that exact work?

A lot of the images that you see on the site are completed commissioned pieces, meaning they are no longer in my possession. Depending on the previous client I may be able to duplicate the work, however some asks to not have specific works duplicated so to keep the originality and value of their work constant. In this case I can do something similar for you as to not reproduce the work.