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My Art

Anna Leckie, Owner and Founder of Art 4


About Me and My Work

I am an Artist in Athens, Georgia. I have been revolving around the world of creation ever since my first memory. I have always communicated visually and shared my view of the world through an artistic lens. I have never stopped my pursuit of any medium that allows me to do that. Recently, I have been lucky enough to find a way to be of service through my art. I do freelance art for others. This allows me to create incredibly meaningful gifts for their loved ones: something to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, marriage, or the passing of a loved one. It allows me to honor their pets, a prized memory in their lives, or create something for a marriage proposal, a prop for a theatrical performance, even drum head for a band. I have been challenged and am truly never bored in my pursuit to help people with the art that I make. I have been approached to create one of a kind home decor for someone trying to personalize their home. It warms my heart hearing all the stories that come my way explaining why someone wants a portrait of their mother or of their child. My soul finds its way onto the canvas as I create these things for others! Please contact me if you would like to book a work of art with me or if you have any other questions about my art. My art book: Irony of the Unfortunates, is for sale on Amazon.com for purchase. This book is a highly personal record of my photography, art, poetry, and writing that gives the viewer a look into my story in both the light and the dark. I published it in hopes that someone would find something familiar within its pages and see that they are not alone even in the heights of joy or in the depths of suffering and transmutation.