University of Georgia Arches, Commission 2018

I began Art 4 in 2019 after having personal success as an artist through showing work in local Athens, Ga galleries such as The Love Show at Kristin Artist shop. I began to receive commission requests for personalized work in the Athens community and over a few months my outreach expanded to the South Eastern united states. I found an incredible joy in making personalized work for clients that was so much more meaningful than something store bought or mass produced. In being the creative hands for clients, I was able to make their creative dreams come true. How do you know if Art 4 is right for you? If you are a small or large business and you would like to enhance promotional designs or artistic marketing I am well versed in merchandise design, flyer creation, and artistic accents. I do personal work for clients including portraits, landscapes, fun art, anything you could imagine! I pride myself in offering competitive and reasonable prices for the work I create. I have included a wide array of my art within my website, feel free to browse and explore. You will also find examples of my work on my instagram: @annaleckieart. I will ship out of state or city and have traveled for commissions as well. A work of art is timeless and captures something that many other gifts cannot. I look forward to making incredibly sentimental and meaningful work. Contact me to get started.